Welcome to Web 2.0, Here i come!

Hi all,

My name is Johnson Lai, one of the 6,902,887,287 (see ref1) earthling on this planet. Recently purchase the domain johnsonlai.com and plan to have a go at Web 2.0.

The idea of blogging had never occurred to me, in honest i think it’s a waste of bloody time to write about random thoughts in my head which i enjoyed more by just thinking about it. Sounds self-fish, but it’s my true personal wording!

However, i see the positive in sharing ideas so i thought i too give it a try since I also like to have an opinions on many things.

What is this blog going to be about, well have a look at yourself.

This is also the first time i played around with wordpress so i hope i can learn to create a nice looking website slowly when time allows.

Well i have enough talk, see ya later!


Ref1: dated 01/03/2011, World population clock

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