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Gutsy win over the mighty Germans

What a wonderful morning!

The Socceroos beat the mighty 3 times world cup winner Germany in a friendly! The score was 2-1.

It is the socceroos first victory out of 4 attempts against the mighty Germans. This victory will also erased the humiliating memories in the 4-0 1st round defeat by the Germans in the 2010 world cup group matches in Durban.

I am sure if you ask me a question before this game, which is harder going to the moon or Australia beating Germany at their home soil? I would have told you Australia beating Germany!

Even though David Carney made up for his silly lapsed in January Asian cup by scoring in the 61th minute at the attention deficient second string Germany defenses. I still felt the German had outclassed in terms of attacking creativeness. Looking at the process of the first German goal you will see what i mean!

Maybe next time, if German coach Joachim Low bother to ask Philip Lahm to play in the defense and captaining the side, then Carney wouldn’t be so lucky with the help of a dummy pass from their defender (No 5, Mat Hummels).

Anyway, good wins for the Socceroo. Generally a good match and very happy with the result for the underdogs!!

Have a nice day!


Welcome to Web 2.0, Here i come!

Hi all,

My name is Johnson Lai, one of the 6,902,887,287 (see ref1) earthling on this planet. Recently purchase the domain and plan to have a go at Web 2.0.

The idea of blogging had never occurred to me, in honest i think it’s a waste of bloody time to write about random thoughts in my head which i enjoyed more by just thinking about it. Sounds self-fish, but it’s my true personal wording!

However, i see the positive in sharing ideas so i thought i too give it a try since I also like to have an opinions on many things.

What is this blog going to be about, well have a look at yourself.

This is also the first time i played around with wordpress so i hope i can learn to create a nice looking website slowly when time allows.

Well i have enough talk, see ya later!


Ref1: dated 01/03/2011, World population clock